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Mind over matter? If only it were that simple.

This complementary, mind-body method WORKS through a unique and proprietary process by neutralizing internal stress, which is exasperating the externally expressed problem. This method also takes advantage of a phenomenon known in the scientific community known as NEUROPLASTICITY, so the beneficial changes are lasting. While success is individual, results are objective, reliable, tangible, measurable, and can be assured regardless of the problem.

This is THE most powerful SOLUTION to complete the mind-body loop.

Full stop. 


12 keywords/phrases: lupus United Kingdom, cancer United Kingdom, autoimmune disease, als, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, asthma, Parkinson's, aphasia, stiff person syndrome. These keywords/phrases are only a snapshot of the myriad of the issues one can expect to receive complementary results. 


Reverse premature aging, restore relevance, restore passion/performance, achieve highest goals, athletics, professional sports, political victory, international business success, legal victory, become a top 1%'er, mothers & fathers, the advantage/the edge for your children, the atonement, and so much more...

Your problem/goal: ______________.

EXPECT reliable, objective, measurable, tangible RESULTS, guaranteed.


Could You Believe?

Over the last twenty-eight years, he's been called healer, shiva, miracle worker,...


Bruce Burkey Is Arguably The #1

Natural Break-Through Artist In The World.


Place Bruce Burkey's body of work next to anyone including Tony Robbins, who is a life coach and expert in marketing and public speaking. By the way, change via life coaching IS TEMPORARY AT BEST, and Bruce Burkey will explain why when you click to learn more


Bruce Burkey is the quiet rock of Gibraltar offering one-on-one breakthroughs in health, business, and in life.

The expert in breaking through and neutralizing what is in the way of one's own natural ability to fully express their best version of themselves.


His commitment is to re-empower individuals with their own  natural abilities. He re-activates one's inner ability to succeed, neutralize stress, take back control of their own health and happiness, eliminate self-defeating habits, overcome fear, and regain one's own innate, natural power.

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"I Will; Therefore, I Am."

Are you or a loved one stuck, lost, hopeless?

Fed up with feeling sick and tired?

At the end of your rope?

Need a break-through victory?

Hello, I'm Bruce Burkey. After twenty-eight years of performing medical breakthroughs at the highest level,

I developed this natural mind-body method to profoundly help individuals in all aspects of life.


This is a unique, proprietary, and highly individualized method, which is exponentially more powerful and effective than all the modalities I've mastered combined.


The results: truly miraculous.


In fact, this method is the exact point where science, belief, and individual will intersect that has never been revealed until now.


Individuals now get to experience a whole approach to health, well-being, success, and happiness.

This is THE EDGE, the limitless, ace in the hole you've only dreamed about having until now.


The results are reliable, tangible, lasting, and absolutely guaranteed.


Over the last twenty-eight years, I have helped so many generous and grateful individuals, and I am grateful I could be of service.

Allow me to help you, and your loved ones too.



Bruce Burkey

Doctor Recommended

"Bruce Burkey's Method Provides An Emotional Alignment, Efficiently, Effectively, And Powerfully In A Safe And Protected Environment. Whatever Indecision, Recurrent Negative Behavior, Or Insurmountable Situation You Are Facing, Be It Emotional And/Or Physical, This Healing Process Allows An Emotional Breakthrough And Equally Importantly A Corresponding Manifestation Of Clear Action. From Observing My Own Life And That Of The Many Patients Who Have Embraced This Powerful, Lasting Healing That Occurs In A Day, I Can Say That Everyone Truly Gets What They Need To Go Forward In Their Life, If Not Necessarily What They May Have Defined That They Want. This Process Meets You At A Sense Of Impasse And Delivers You To A Point Of Peace And Clarity While Liberating A Strength Of Action. The Result…A Profound And Lasting Shift In Understanding, Action, And Gratitude…A Life Reclaimed…Yours." Dr. Kashi R.

Jane A.


Diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer. Started this process with little hope left. I started feeling better within a matter of weeks and kept feeling better. I noticed my diet changing and had an appetite again. My breathing restored to normal. Was released from Dr’s care after 11 months of starting this. I’m 48 and I now have a new outlook on the rest of my life. I’m so grateful.

Zoe D.


“I suffered from allergies and asthma my whole life. They're gone, and I'm FREE! Thank you with all my being!

Betty S.


“At 80 I inquired for Laryngitis, had it for three months. Resolved in less than a week. Then I asked if this could help with COPD. Surprised he said yes. COPD Resolved, and I am symptom-free. I'm 92 and still no plans of slowing down.”

Charles F.


"My anxiety was so bad, I could no longer even drive to the grocery store. At 49, I have my life back again, and better than ever! Thank you."

Professor Jim S.


"“I have suffered with migraines for the better part of my adult life. Debilitating to say the least. I couldn’t keep it dark enough to get any relief. I had nothing I could count on, other than pain, pain, and more pain. It was ruining my career, my relationships, and my life. My wife noticed this service, and thought ‘what the heck, we’ve tried EVERYTHING,’ literally. I am blown away. This works, and it is lasting. I am migraine free since August 2014, and I am so grateful. I have my life back. "

Carmen R.
Terminal Illness

“This is amazing, I'm no longer terminal! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I owe you my life!”





Proceeds Help Inspire The Poor In Means, Health, And Spirit. Thank You.

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