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What Happens In This Process

Mind-body-spirit BREAKTHROUGH visits will absolutely change your life, rapidly. All programs are custom to your specific individual needs and goals.


BREAK THROUGH limiting or self defeating thoughts that are having an adverse affect on your life. Reverses negative programming. Neutralizes the past. Change your mind. Change your life. 


BREAK THROUGH in health, beauty, talent, business, career, sports, success, relationships, spirituality, goals, life.

"If a miracle can be defined as a Divine, breakthrough shift in perception that yields massive benefits in your life, then let it be." Bruce Burkey


The beneficial changes in your life will feel miraculous; however, it is all backed by science.


For example, the American Medical Association originally accepted Hypnosis as an orthodox medical treatment in 1958. 


This is 1000x more powerful than Hypnosis.


This proprietary, elegant BREAKTHROUGH modality accesses the Superconscious, resolves the Subconscious, while also taking advantage of a phenomenon known as "Neuroplasticity". Therefore, the beneficial changes, and the profound impact on your life are lasting. 

Issues Helped-Completely Resolved:

ANXIETY, Depression, Panic Disorder, Cancer, ALS, Asthma, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, MIGRAINES, Erectile Dysfunction, Orgasmic Dysfunction, Suicidal Tendencies, LUPUS, Auto-Immune Dis-Ease, ADDICTIONS, Anger, Guilt, Stress, PTSD, Autism, Parkinson's, APHASIA, Pre-Mature Aging, Fear Of Death, Confidence, Fear Of Failure, Inability To Perform, SUCCESS, Building Wealth-Assets, PEAK PERFORMANCE, Relationship Issues, Attracting Soul Mate, Writer's Block, Fear Of Medical/Dental Procedures, ALZHEIMER'S, Impotence, Low Testosterone, Stuttering, Insomnia, SKIN DISORDERS, Mental Disorders, Terminal Illness, Spiritual Apathy, and so much more...

My Issue: __________________

No Matter Your Issue Or Challenge... Expect Results Guaranteed.

Required U.S. Legal Disclaimer: This service is INTEGRATIVE, COMPLEMENTARY to medical treatment, and not a substitute or alternative for diagnosed medical conditions requiring a medical doctor. 


Certainly, this service is not a substitute for God. God is the only healer, we are the interfaith bridge. Therefore, we rely on God to help us profoundly help you. Thank you so much. God Bless you and your family. Godspeed Ahead! 

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Practice is the mother of skill. It is widely accepted that it takes 10 years to become an expert in your field.

I'm Bruce Burkey. Thank you for considering our services to help you take back control of your health, and change your life. During the last 28 years, I have mastered Integrative Medical Hypnosis, I've witnessed spontaneous healings, I've unlocked The Secret, and so much more.


My mind-body-spirit BREAKTHROUGH process integrates shifts in perception at the Superconscious level, along with resolutions within the Subconscious, while taking advantage of a phenomenon known as Neuroplasticity. The outcomerapid, perhaps miraculous results with lasting benefits. 


My purpose: glorify God, live a truly inspired life with my wife and son, and help others do the same.

If you are sincere about finally getting the real help you need, and you have a grateful heart plus a generous spirit, then we will consider you for this truly extraordinary opportunity.




There's only one thing in your way...

BELIEF. If you could just BELIEVE only 2%, I'll make up the other 98%. My commitment is to empower individuals with their own inner abilities for well-being and empowerment. Activate your inner ability to succeed, neutralize stress, eliminate self-defeating habits, overcome fear, regain your power. 

Doctor Recommended

"Bruce's process provides an emotional alignment, efficiently, effectively, and powerfully in a safe and protected environment. Whatever indecision, recurrent negative behavior, or insurmountable situation you are facing, be it emotional and/or physical, this therapy allows an emotional breakthrough and equally importantly a corresponding manifestation of clear action. From observing my own life and that of the many patients who have embraced this powerful, lasting healing that occurs in a day, I can say that everyone truly gets what they need to go forward in their life, if not necessarily what they may have defined that they want. This meditative process meets you at a sense of impasse and delivers you to a point of peace and clarity while liberating a strength of action. The result…a profound and lasting shift in understanding, action, and gratitude…a life reclaimed…yours." Dr. Kashi Rai

Jane A.


Diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer. Started this process with little hope left. I started feeling better within a matter of weeks and kept feeling better. I noticed my diet changing and had an appetite again. My breathing restored to normal. Was released from Dr’s care after 11 months of starting this. I’m 48 and I now have a new outlook on the rest of my life. I’m so grateful.

Zoe D.


“I suffered from allergies and asthma my whole life. They're gone, and I'm FREE! Thank you with all my being!

Betty S.


“I inquired for Laryngitis, had it for three months. Resolved in less than a week. Then I asked if this will help with COPD. Surprised they said yes. COPD Resolved, and I am symptom-free for 8 years, now. I'm 88 and no plans of slowing down.”

Charles F.


"My anxiety was so bad, I could no longer even drive to the grocery store. At 49, I have my life back again, and better than ever! Thank you."


Professor Jim S.


"“I have suffered with migraines for the better part of my adult life. Debilitating to say the least. I couldn’t keep it dark enough to get any relief. I had nothing I could count on, other than pain, pain, and more pain. It was ruining my career, my relationships, and my life. My wife noticed this service, and thought ‘what the heck, we’ve tried EVERYTHING,’ literally. I am blown away. This works, it is lasting, and most awe inspiring: it happened in a day! I am migraine free since August 2014, and I am so grateful. I have my life back. "

Carmen R.
Terminal Illness

“This is amazing, I'm no longer terminal! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I owe you my life!”



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